Hi, my name is Zedd Lagat and I am a Full-Stack .NET and Python developer

About me

Zedd is a motivated, full-stack developer with several years of experience in .NET and Python programming. His thirst for knowledge means that every day he’s learning about new technologies, best programming & design practices, and is on the constant lookout for new challenges.
Zedd is also proficient with Machine Learning, Data Science, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing.

Readily embracing cutting-edge technology, Zedd has gained an in-depth understanding of the main web/desktop platforms and recognizes the subtle differences between each.

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Full Stack Software Developer | ML Engineer

- Developed machine-learning algorithms for sentence parsing and modeling.
- Built modern applications with .NET Core, C#, Angular, Visual Studio and Azure DevOps Engineering
- Created an admin web app console in Flask to help developers control, analyze, and debug the core NLP components.

Mar 2020


Lead Back-end Developer

- Focused on the OOP in C# and ASP.NET development—building out the core platform and additional content modules.
- Designed, developed, and performance-tuned back-end SQL databases.

Apr 2019

Mar 2020

Senior Software Engineer

- Designed the software architecture in .NET to ensure that all the pieces interacted smoothly.
- Developed algorithms in Python to extract truck information (location, truck type, and so on) from email text; the challenge lay mainly in the widely varying text structure.
- Created KPI dashboards which allowed the research teams to analyze various attributes of member profiles linking user activity, newsletter distributions, and user-generated content activity.

Apr 2018

Feb 2019

ASP.NET Developer

- Focused on the OOP in C# and ASP.NET development—building out the core platform and additional content modules.
- Worked on the user interface and visualization for the system’s admin console (JavaScript and HTML5).
- Built the database products are hosted in the AWS cloud environment (we are the second largest AWS client on the East Coast).

Jan 2018

Mar 2018

Technical Solutions Consultant (Internship)

- Migrated applications, accounts, and platforms when necessary and feasible.
- Worked with engineers, developers and QA on the development of current applications and future applications related to content management line of business
- Assisting the Mobility Engineering manager in hiring, managing and developing engineering talent pool

Aug 2017

Dec 2017


Here you can see the projects I was working on. I've added some description, so you will be able to understand the type of each project and it's complexity.

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